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Charities need to run as a business and will benefit from our workshops too

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We run workshops for small businesses in Herefordshire and Worcestershire

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Welcome to the Small Business Clinic

The Small Business Clinic runs workshops for small businesses, charities and groups across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. The workshops give you help with the practical aspects of running a business or organisation: such as sales, marketing and using IT effectively. They are designed to be informative, friendly and reasonably priced. With no more than 10 attendees, there's plenty of time to ask about your business needs and a chance to network as well.

The Small Business Clinic is owned by Nepeta Consulting. Based in Malvern and Ledbury, we offer business and IT services to small businesses and organisations across the two counties. Our aim is to make all subjects understandable for all. We speak in plain English and explain all the terms you hear about, don't quite understand but feel afraid to ask about.

Our workshops are run at various locations in Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Below you will see listed the next three workshops. You can click on the image to book tickets for these. Alternatively, look at our workshop timetable for a full list of forthcoming workshops. Do get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Designing a Business Website in Malvern

Designing a Business Website in Malvern

There is more to a website than just its looks — it needs to work for users as well. This workshop shows you how to design a successful website for your business: one that not only looks good but really works for you.

The workshop is suitable for anyone whether you are:

  • planning to build a website
  • want to re-develop your existing one
  • or want to know why yours doesn't work as well as you'd like.
An Introduction to WordPress in Malvern

An Introduction to WordPress in Malvern

WordPress is a popular platform for websites and blogging with good reason. WordPress can be themed to look stylish and has a wealth of additional functionality available at little or no cost, making it an ideal choice for a small business. Unlike some other platforms it is easy enough for a non-technical person to use. This means you can maintain your own site rather than relying on expensive IT support. This workshop will give you the skill and confidence to carry out day to day tasks on your WordPress website.
Building WordPress websites in Malvern

Building WordPress websites in Malvern

If you are planning to build your own WordPress website, then workshop is for you.

We will go through the basics of selecting a theme for your site and then using the Customizer to style the site as you want it.

Then we look at the different plugins available to provide common functionality.

There will be plenty of time to experiment (on a test site) and ask questions.

Are you starting a business?

There's lots to learn when you are starting a business. We can help you get yourself set up for success.

Begin with our "Getting Started" workshop where we help you put together your business plan. Follow this with some of our courses on digital marketing: (social media, websites and email marketing) to get your name known.
For workshop dates, please look at our timetable.
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