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Charities need to run as a business and will benefit from our workshops too

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We run workshops for small businesses in Herefordshire and Worcestershire

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Our workshops provide a chance for you to learn from other businesses and from potential customers

Welcome to the Small Business Clinic

The Small Business Clinic runs workshops for small businesses, charities and groups across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. The workshops give you help with the practical aspects of running a business or organisation: such as sales, marketing and using IT effectively. They are designed to be informative, friendly and reasonably priced. With no more than 10 attendees, there's plenty of time to ask about your business needs and a chance to network as well.

The Small Business Clinic is owned by Nepeta Consulting. Based in Malvern and Ledbury, we offer business and IT services to small businesses and organisations across the two counties. Our aim is to make all subjects understandable for all. We speak in plain English and explain all the terms you hear about, don't quite understand but feel afraid to ask about.

Our workshops are run at various locations in Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Below you will see listed the next three workshops. You can click on the image to book tickets for these. Alternatively, look at our workshop timetable for a full list of forthcoming workshops. Do get in touch with us if you have any questions.

MailChimp Masterclass

MailChimp Masterclass

If you are already using MailChimp but struggling to get the best from this powerful tool, then this workshop is for you

We will cover:

  • The best ways to use templates
  • Sementing your list
  • Automating emails
  • Using the campaign results to improve future emails

This will be a hands-on workshop with time to practise and ask questions as well. Please bring a computer.

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

If you want to improve your presentation skills then this is the workshop for you.

This workshop addresses all aspects of giving a presentations including:

  • Getting the message across - what to say and the language to use
  • Creating slick presentation slides - how to use PowerPoint or similar tools to reinforce your message
  • Delivering the presentation - voice skills, confidence, body language

This will be a hands-on workshop with time to practise presenting as well.

Exploring Google Analytics

Exploring Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool which helps you understands how people use your website. With the information it provides, you can see how to improve the effectiveness of your website

In the workshop we start with a brief introduction to Search Engine Optimisation to put everything in context. Then we take an in-depth tour of the Google Analytics console. You will learn about:

  • The types of information Google Analytics provides and what it all means.
  • Setting up reports to monitor areas of interest
  • Using the different tools provided
  • Understanding how to use the information to identify how visitors are using your site and how changes to your site might change this behaviour.
  • Setting up goals to monitor behaviour so you can measure the effects of any changes you might make.

Are you starting a business?

There's lots to learn when you are starting a business. We can help you get yourself set up for success.

Begin with our "Getting Started" workshop where we help you put together your business plan. Follow this with some of our courses on digital marketing: (social media, websites and email marketing) to get your name known.
For workshop dates, please look at our timetable.
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