What people say about our workshops

It’s important that you know what to expect when you come to one of our workshops, so we collect feedback from people who attend our workshops. We use this to improve the courses.

These are the comments we have received so far.

Comments on "An Introduction to WordPress" Parts 1&2, Malvern, November 2016

This was a two part workshop: an introduction to WordPress followed a more detailed looking at website design and how to implement it in WordPress.

  • I liked the hands-on nature of the workshop.
  • Being a small group and getting hands-on help was very useful.
  • It was a detailed and through handout.
  • Learning to design a website step-by-step was just what we needed.
Open Space Rooms, 8th & 22nd November 2016

Comments on "Successful Selling" in Kinnersley, October 2016

  • I enjoyed the networking aspects of the workshop.
  • It was like a masterclass session - so interactive. More please!
  • I enjoyed learning the various sales techniques and the group discussions.
Kinnersley, 21st October 2016

Comments on "MailChimp Editor and Templates" in Malvern, October 2016

  • It was a really useful workshop.
  • It's a big subject to cover but I feel much happier now!
  • Going through the reporting analysis was very useful.
Open Space Rooms, 12th October 2016

Comments on "Email Marketing with MailChimp" in Malvern, September 2016

  • I found it useful going through the menus step-by-step.
  • Having hands-on access with the ability to ask questions was great.
  • A good overview, hands-on was excellent.
  • Looking forward to part 2!
Open Space Rooms, 28th September 2016

Comments on "Marketing Plans Made Easy" in Cleobury Mortimer, July 2016

  • I really enjoyed this course and got a lot of information from it.
  • Really easy to follow and I understand!
  • It was useful have the example to follow and to learn about mistakes and what not to do as well.
Cleobury Mortimer, 20th July 2016

Comments on "Facebook for Business" in Malvern, July 2016

  • I now have a greater awareness of Facebook's capabilities and the courage to explore.
  • It was nice to be able to ask questions as we went along.
  • Understanding the terminology is really useful. I now feel more confident going forward.
Open Space Rooms, 13th July 2016

Comments on "Exploring Google Analytics" in Malvern May 2016

  • Brilliant, thank you. I can't wait to come back for more.
  • This was an excellent overview for Google Analytics.
  • What a great tool even for a one man band.  Great content, great venue.
Open Space Rooms, May 2016

Comments on "Getting the Words Right" in Kinnersley, April 2016

This was a joint workshop with Catherine Every from Pippin Consultancy.

  • An enjoyable workshop and useful to meet other businesses.
  • Learning that you need to state the obvious about the benefits you offer - why didn't I realise that before?
  • It was useful to spend time thinking about my customer.
  • The presenters were super-calm and had great listening skills.
  • The exercises were good and made me think.


Kinnersley, Hereford, 28th April 2016

Comments on "Building a Brand", Part 1 in Kinnersley March 2016, Part 2 in Cleobury April 2016

These workshops were a joint presentation by Nancy Poller of the Aligned Design Company and the Small Business Clinic.

  • Everything was really useful and valuable
  • It was great to meet other businesses and professionals and to be able to ask questions in a small group.
  • Finding out about logos, trademarks, colours and fonts was very useful.
  • I feel I have moved on significantly in understanding what I need for my branding.
  • I enjoyed getting input from everyone on my ideas.


Kinnersley, Hereford, 3rd March 2016

Comments on "An Introduction to WordPress" in Malvern and Hereford April 2016

We gave this workshop three times over the period of a month in April 2016. These comments are the summary of the feedback at the three workshops.

  • Great session: the content was good and the presenters helpful
  • Clear explanations and an excellent handout
  • I now feel I can do most of my website myself.
Open Space Rooms and Robert Owen Academy, April 2016

Comments on "MailChimp Editor and Templates" in Malvern, March 2016

  • Again, a really informative workshop. MailChimp is easy to learn and get going.
  • This will be very, very useful!


Open Space Rooms, 9 March 2016

Comments on "Email marketing with MailChimp" in Malvern, February 2016

  • Looking forward to part 2
  • I enjoyed being out of the office and learning about MailChimp
  • Good intro to MailChimp and food for thought
  • Made me re-think my strategy
  • Very practical and useful. Very helpful to have slides, workbook and to have my laptop with me to start using.
Open Space Rooms, 24 February 2016

Comments on "What makes a good website" in Malvern, January 16

  • I now know what not to do with websites!
  • I enjoyed looking at a large variety of different websites
Open Space Rooms, 19 January 2016

Comments on "Email Marketing with MailChimp" in Herefordshire, October 15

  • I enjoyed finding out what was possible
  • I found the whole workshop useful. Very relaxed environment with good group interaction.
  • The whole course was really useful. The networking was good too.
  • Always interesting to hear how other people use systems.
Kinnersley, Herefordshire, 15 October 2015
Email Marketing with MailChimp

Comments on "Getting Started" in Malvern, September 15

  • I found the marketing advice and chatting to other businesses useful
  • Using examples to support statement was very helpful
  • I enjoyed understanding the mechanism of running a small business
Open Space Rooms, Malvern 22 September 2015
Getting Started

Comments on "Getting Started" in Hereford, September 15

  • Excellent workshop
  • Great to get advice from others
  • Everything was useful!
Hereford 15 September 2015
Getting Started

Comments from "How to Get Your Website Found" in Hereford, June 15

  • All of it was useful
  • Liked the informal approach
  • Very useful to look at my business search rankings from another point of view
Hereford, 16th June 2015
How to get your website found

Comments from "Four Ways to Grow Your Business" in Herefordshire, May 2015

  • Loved the exercise on communication within a team
  • Useful information - confirmed what I need to do
  • An excellent forum for sharing information


Kinnersley, Herefordshire 14 May 2015
Four Ways to Grow Your Business

Comments from "Getting Started" in Hereford April 15

  • It was great to able to talk to people who have already done it.
  • Very friendly presentation - no forced selling!
  • Clear information provide about the legal aspects of business start-up
Hereford 28 April 2015
Getting Started

Comments of "Being Social with Social Media" in Kinnersley, Herefordshire December 2014

In this workshop we combined learning about social media with Christmas baking. It may sound a bit wacky but in fact it worked well, giving people time to discuss what they'd learned whilst baking biscuits.

  • Baking bits - brill!
  • Useful hearing how others use social media
  • Useful to know which social media a relevant to which type of business
  • A refreshing, relaxed workshop: social media mixed with practical cooking. what a brilliant idea!
  • Lovely warm, relaxed atmosphere and no tech speak.
Kinnersley, Herefordshire 4 December 2014
Being Social with Social Media

Comments from "Four Ways to Grow Your Business" in Malvern November 2014

  • Fab morning, beautiful venue
  • Very good content, clearly presented
  • Relaxed friendly approach
  • Very useful handouts to take away
Malvern 11 November 2014
Four Ways to Grow Your Business

Comments from “Getting Started” in Malvern September 14

  • Great workshop, well structured, useful information pack to take home. Well presented!
  • Very informative - really useful! Thank you!!
  • Very good - learnt loads.
  • Covered many aspects and requirement I had not yet considered. It was very good in focusing ideas.
  • Good insight into what is required to start up.
Malvern 16 Sept 2014
Getting Started

Comments from our SEO Workshop in Kinnersley Hereford - July 14

  • Enjoyed it all.
  • Really, I found it all useful. I need to do more courses!
  • Please hold more courses here.
  • I loved the coffee cake.
Kinnersley, Hereford - 10 July 2014
How to get your website found

Comments from "Getting Started" in Malvern May 14

  • It was more hands-on and practical than a previous course I did - so it was very useful.
  • A very helpful, easy to understand course.
Malvern 13 May 2014
Getting Started

Comments from our Web Workshop in Malvern - March 14

  • Pitched at the right level for business start-ups.
  • Really enjoyed the workshop - useful, thank you.
  • Very good - Lots for me to think about!
  • Really great, thank you. This information will be extremely useful for my business.
Malvern 25 March 2014
What makes a Good Website?

Comments from our Web Workshop in Hereford - June 14

  • Very informative. A lot of content squeezed into a short time!
  • This was very useful. You should charge for the event.
  • I found the whole event very useful and the content equally interesting and enjoyable.
  • I found the course pitched just right for my needs. It has focused my thinking on our proposed website.


Hereford 10th June 2014
What makes a Good Website

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