One-to-one session

Sometimes a workshop just isn’t the right solution for you

  • Perhaps you have a sensitive issue to discuss
  • You just need some help on a specific problem
  • Or we are not running a workshop on the subject you want soon enough.

In this case, we are happy to offer you a one-to-one session tailored to your individual needs.

One-to-one: focused consultancy

A one-to-one consultancy session might work better than a public workshop - Small Business ClinicIn a workshop environment, you have to go at the pace of everyone else and you have to learn about everything. In one-to-one consultancy, you are the centre of attention and we can address your specific problems. These sessions last two hours, rather than the three of a workshop. We can pack a lot into that time and generally people find that sufficient (brains start to hurt!).

The consultancy costs a bit more than a public workshop (£45/hour) but it can be well worth it to get our attention focused on you. If you would like a one-to-one session, please get in touch.

More details of the range of skills we have available can be found on our Nepeta Consulting website

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