Our visiting presenters

We get expert presenters in when needed

We know a lot about lots of things, but we would never claim to be experts in everything. When we want to run a workshop where we want some extra expertise, then we arrange for an expert to join us. Here is a list of presenters who have joined us so far, or will in the near future.

Katherine Baines

Katherine Baines of Beacon Bookkeeping and Accountancy - an external presenter for the Small Business ClinicKatherine is the owner of Beacon Bookkeeping and Accountancy – a practice running in Malvern. She specialises in accounting and bookkeeping (what a surprise!) for small businesses. She also has a lot of experience of other aspects of  setting up and running a small business. This was gained from her own experience as well as seeing how her clients work.

Katherine was a founding member of the Small Business Clinic.

Polly Hearsey

Polly HearseyPolly Hearsey - an external presenter for the Small Business Clinic is a marketing consultant for small businesses. She works for all sorts of businesses, helping them with their marketing strategies and plans. She also provides online training in marketing for microbusinesses.

Polly has presented the “Getting the words right” workshop at Upper Newton Farmhouse for us.

Kathryn Nash

Kath Nash is owner of KatKai. She provides freelance business assistance for small businesses. When you need someone to help with the “back office” functions but don’t want someone full-time, then Kath can help. With lots of experience in helping small businesses, her main expertise is in cash flow management.

She presented the “What’s my price” workshop at Upper Newton Farmhouse and in Malvern.

Catherine Every

Catherine Every of Pippin Consultancy - external presenter for the Small Business ClinicCatherine Every is the owner of Pippin Consultancy and is a specialist copy-writer. She helps businesses and organisations to make the most of their words. Her specialism is developing well-crafted communications that give the message clarity and effectiveness.

She is presenting the “Getting the words right” workshop in Malvern.


Nancy Poller

Nancy Poller of Good Egg Designs - a visitng presenter with the Small Business ClinicNancy Poller runs Good Egg. She has over 12 years’ experience in graphic design and has worked on a wide range of projects from company logos to magazine advertisements and product packaging. As Good Egg, she works individually with clients to create a bespoke solution to their design needs, creating original concepts that combine commercial effectiveness with aesthetic impact.

She is presenting “Building your business brand”.

Would you like to be a guest presenter?

Are you an expert in an area of interest to small businesses and charities?  If you are and would like to present workshops in Herefordshire or Worcestershire, then please get in touch with us. If your area complements those we already offer then we may be able to put on a workshop for you.

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